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In 2010, I, Chenae White, survived cancer and can recall several family members supporting me. Present day I often reflect on my mother and I receiving food from pantries, rental assistance and gas cards to support with transportation. Later, around Christmas 2020 I had a medical scare, awaiting results of an ovarian cancer screening due to body pain I had been experiencing for several months. It made me question whether this was my last fight and if cancer impacted my life again, what would I have left behind for my community to benefit from.

I had previously piloted Generosity on the Go under the tutelage of Generosity Global's CEO Rich Akwo but halted serving during the pandemic. With time to reflect and think about my future impact, I connected with a group through social media to serve on Christmas Day. While serving the unhoused I received my final screening results to confirm that there was no cancer detected. Before ending the day, the group said they wanted to serve again on New Year’s Day.

Together we put out social media posts requesting donations and raised a little under $2000. With that amount of money I suggested that we reach out to Black owned restaurants to purchase meals. One of the group members knew the owners of Mama Sambusa Restaurant, who cooked us 150 meals. From there, Generosity on the Go was fully launched and it has been a pleasure to be of service.

Generosity on the Go is a 501(c)(3) that expands individuals’ of the Black and Brown communities’ access to develop self-sufficiency, resilience and meet total well-being goals. Services provided include food, housing assistance, hygienic provisions, and family, and individual services.

Organizations we've partnered with:

WHEEL Shelter

Soup is Love

Bertschi School Community Service Team

Bunny Wilburn Home

Luther Burbank Savings

Mama Sambusa Kitchen

Lil Red's Takeout and Catering


Treyvon King (of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices)

Jazmine Johnson McCoy (of The Millennial Mortgage Team)


We have received $5501 in donations. We have also provided over 14,000 items including food, beverages, clothing, shoes, and hygiene products to over 2139 individuals.
Expand individuals’ of the Black and Brown communities’ access to develop self-sufficiency, resilience and meet total well-being goals.
Father and Daughter


Through our first contract with King County, the Eviction Prevention and Rental Assistance Program (EPRAP), from June 2021 through April 2022 we dedicated over 3000 hours serving over 1000 tenants, providing support with completing applications (through home visits, walk in library support, and phone calls) for tenants who were at risk of eviction and needed assistance with rent to remain housed. We also connected tenants with community partners to assist with accessing additional resources and social service agencies. 

We now have the opportunity to support more families through King County's Best Start for Kids, Youth and Family Homelessness Prevention Initiative (YFHPI). Since July 2022 our agency has provided over ten families with case management services combined with financial assistance, intervening quickly with landlords and housing providers where necessary to prevent youth and families with children from becoming homeless. Through YFHPI we offer increasing levels of assistance while simultaneously supporting families as they address their own housing challenges to maintain long-term stability.  

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